Larry Sloan was my mother’s editor at Price Stern Sloan, the groovy publishing company that put out her three books including “How to Tell if Your Husband is Cheating on You.” He died October 14 at 89, after a career that included being a Hollywood press agent and running that rare bird — a Los Angeles-based publishing company. Price Stern Sloan was sold to Penguin in 1993, according to this L.A. Times obit, but its heyday was the mid-60s to mid-70s, when “Mad Libs” took off alongside my mom’s books and “How to Be a Jewish Mother,” which I used to re-enact with a reel to reel tape recorder. Here’s a snippet from his obit:

Working from offices on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood, Sloan directed the editing of manuscripts that often emphasized humor. As of 1973, the company had 150 titles — mainly original softcovers that sold for a dollar — and expected to gross about $1.6 million that year.