Groucho's house

Groucho’s house, Trousdale

My dad rented two houses in Trousdale, both of which my mother would have undoubtedly thought were déclassé. I remember her derisively calling Trousdale a “tract” since many of the houses did indeed resemble each other; of course they bore absolutely no resemblance to ugly cookie cutter suburban houses. The first was in 1967 or so after he and my mom got divorced. At first he stayed in a bungalow in the Beverly Hills hotel, then rented a large furnished house on Haynes in Trousdale with a huge bathtub in the master bathroom, an all-white formal living room that was almost never used and a manly den where we watched TV. After he remarried for the fourth time, he moved back to Trousdale to Arkell Drive, where he paid a small fortune in rent each month to a Korean doctor landlord. I feel somewhat happy to have stolen a large Moroccan hanging lamp from the landlord which I still have. The New York Times T Magazine looked at Trousdale this week.

Im looking forward to reading the upcoming book “OVER THE TOP: the Architectural History of Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills” when it is published and seeing if either of my dad’s houses are in it.